For years, a lighthouse stood untouched by the rest of the world. It was a vessel for a Captain of mysetrious origin. This Captain

led a fleet of hundreds. They reside in a land unreachable by other humans, but this lighthouse serves as the gateway to them. 

Hundreds of logs have been written in numerous journals within the structure, and upon the Captain's request, they will become 

accessible to millions.

Oh Wow What's This?

How Did I Get Here?

The influence of the Captain is absolute, and steadily growing each passing moment. You are free to leave, but the memory of

the Lighthouse will lurk in the depths of your mind eternally. Who is the Captain you might ask. Their identity has yet to be

revealed, but for now use this small picture found inside one of the Captain's logs as reference.

It's Light Shines Through The Darkest Night

What Are The Logs About?

Many of the logs cover the travels the Captain has embarked on. Others seem to be products of their sporadic thinking. There

doesn't appear to be a theme or pattern, aside for the Captain's apparent love for red apples. Our links will take you to either the

Captain's logs (posted at random intervals at least twice a month), the archive of all the logs in chronological order, or our too

long didn't read logs. The tldr logs in particular display content that does not always resemble the original logs. Transference

through the lighthouse doesn't always produce predictable results. You may find yourself discovering hidden secrets within these

glimpses inside the Captain's mind.

How Can I Join The Fleet?

The Captain's haven has recently become quite easy to enter. The key to entering is hidden somewhere on this page. Look

carefully. The haven is not a perfect fit for everyone, but it hosts an active and friendly community. Typology is currently one of the

most popular topics of discussion at the moment, but even if you don't know what Typology is, there are dozens of other

discussions ocurring about pretty much anything. We aren't picky...

Well, Hello There.